Sunday, January 9, 2011

Six Months has been a short time

Grandson, Graham wearing his 3D glass after seeing Tron
Weathered Adirondack

Proficient Amaryllis Bloom

Hanging in Cllinton, AR

Afternoon Sun

Captured in the Frozen Pond

Cold Seat

Lit for the Holidays

Fading Light

View from the Back

I just looked and it's been about six months since I posted anything to my blog. It's now a cold, cold winter, with up to four inches of snow expected tonight and tomorrow. Thought I'd stay in where it's warm and add a number of photos for your perusal.


  1. Beautiful! You make our home sing and shine!

  2. Your work is beautiful! This is Vanessa Young, You shot our wedding in 2005. I was wanting to know if you have the pics still because i would like to purchase a wedding album. You can contact me at Thanks