Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday at the Hacienda

Is it a function of getting older that brings me enjoyment from a walk around the yard with my camera? I don't have to stray very far to find fascination. There's a boneyard for whatever animals might be residing in the den under the woodpile. Residual skulls and a walnut. One skull is so large to make one wonder whether the foxes cannibalized one of their own that didn't make it. What mysteries lie below the ground? Is it possible the den in the very back of the yard among old discarded rusty toolboxes is connected to this one? It's Sunday;  at times the perfect day to catch a movie at the Moxie or Springfield 8. At others that day might be reserved for working in the yard if the sun chose to shine a bit more heartily. This is one of those days when you might get some intermittent sunshine thru the clouds, but there is still a cool wind from the north. Spring is on the verge of erupting. Redbuds do literally have those little red buds that will burst into shades of purple. Daffodil varieties are blooming in various spots. I keep referencing Monet who made such beautiful paintings of his garden at Giverny. He didn't have to wonder far to find inspiration. I feel very lucky to be living where we live. We have the best of everything is seems. What has always struck  me the most is the quality of the light. it doesn't really matter where you go in search of it. When you find it, you can make a photograph out of anything that is there.  It might be just a chair


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